Specialize in weight management programmes

Specialised advice to assist you in reaching your weight goals.


Get personalised diet plan to help reduce weight and improve health

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Incorporate dry-fruits like almond, walnut and berries with daily food

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Diet Plans

Once a meal plan is purchased, you should expect to begin your plan in 2 weeks.

Weekly Plan


  • 6 lifestyle-based meal plans
  • Nutritional data to support macro-nutrient
  • Access to over 1000+ healthy recipes
  • A choice of calorie-levels (1200-1500)
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Monthly Plan


  • 12 lifestyle-based meal plans
  • Nutritional data to support calorie counting
  • Swap to suit your personal taste and lifestyle
  • 3 skill level-based exercise plans
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About Nutritionist

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My Approaches

**diet and workout approach for wieght loss**

More About Me


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Diet Food & Recipies

Breakfast 30 July, 2019

Rava Idli

2 Rava Idle with coconut chutney and sambar

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Lunch 09 August, 2019

Veg Pulao

1 bowl vegetable pulao with salad and raita

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Dinner 15 october, 2019

Chiken Teriyaki

1 piece chiken teriyaki with 1 bowl rice and salad

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