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HSL - HelixSmartLabs make your Home Smart

We at HSL believe in bringing change in technology which can truly impact the lives of people and make their life easier. To ensure that, we have inline more than 10 products which can ease your daily life.

With variants ranging from smart home appliances to security devices, get anything and everything that brings life to your home.

Air Touch
WiFi Enabled
App Controled
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Control your home with home assistants like Google Home, Alexa
and Siri, so no matter where you are or what you are doing,
you are in control.

Most reliable application

Mobile Application


Control from Anywhere

Through moblie application you can control your switch from anywhere, anytime around the world.


Shedule Task

Set the timer to automatically switch on/off your appliance according to your need.


Moniter Electricity

Moniter the daily comsuption of every appliance in your home.


Track your Appliances

Get deep activity insight of appliances.

Elevator Switch

Helix smart switches provide versitility to blend in various enviourment such as elevators


Air Touch

Air touch is the unique feature to helix smart switches, which allows you to control them buy bringing your hand in close proximity


WiFi Enabled

Helix smart switches are internet enabled smart switch which can be control over the internet

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